Creative Resume Template + Cover Letter

Colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange
File Format: Microsoft Word

Our creative resume template for Microsoft Word will turn on the curiosity of the recruiter toward you as a candidate. It comes in 6 colors so that you can exercise your creativity even more when choosing the feeling of your presentation. A creative resume template can be used by all those individuals that would like to stand out for creativity when applying for a job. Creative resume templates are fantastic for graphic designers, web designers and all professionals that work with design, technology and creativity. Moreover, we believe that the great impression provided by a creative resume template could also help managers, executives, entrepreneurs and commercial representatives. This is a very stylish resume template that is suitable for all those seeking to show appreciation to style in general. The addition of icons and skill sets, as well as the opportunity to have your profile picture in a round shape, make this resume template one of the best creative resume templates that your recruiter will possibly receive.

Package 1:
Creative Resume Template
Page 1 only
(in 6 colors)

Package 2:
Creative Resume Template
2 Pages + Cover Letter
(all in 6 colors)