Executive Resume Template + Cover Letter + Portfolio

8 Colors: Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Red, Fuchsia, Grey, Light Green, Navy Blue
File Format: Microsoft Word .docx

You are an executive and you need a resume template that exudes professionalism and distinction on a higher level. This is not your first or second job. You need the executive resume template. This highly sought after template comes in eight colors, blue, dark blue, dark green, dark red, fuchsia, grey, light green and navy blue. The color for many executives from their suits to the their shoes is blue and this executive resume template comes in your choice of three different blues. The executive resume template allows you to present your skills and talents in an elegant design that shows potential employers exactly what you can do while impressing for style and perfection. You can choose from the one page or the two pages, which also comes with a cover letter and a portfolio. The executive resume template is customizable to your exact needs and desires. It showcases your education, expertise, technology and work experience all on one page. If your work experience is lengthy and you want it all to be included the two-page executive resume template is exactly what you need. Everything you want a potential employer to know about you and your ability to lead is included. When you want your resume to stand out from the crowd and be your best representative until you have the chance to speak for yourself in an interview, the executive resume template is precisely what you need. Your search is over.

Package 1:
Executive Resume Template
Page 1 only
(in 8 colors)

Package 2:
Executive Resume Template
2 Pages + Cover Letter + Portfolio
(all in 8 colors)