Linkedin Resume Template + Cover Letter + References

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Suitable for All Professions

Apply like a pro with our beautiful and professionally designed Linkedin Resume Template. This resume template is suitable for all professions. It's among the most popular resume templates from our collection and it's surely among the most easy to use when it comes to fill out your information. This resume was designed to be complimentary of your Linkedin profile. So go ahead and register on Linkedin first, fill out all the sections and get your Linkedin profile ready. Then start working on our Linkedin resume template. You will notice you will find most of the same sections, so that your Linkedin profile and resume will match. Within our resume, you will be able to add the same picture you have on Linkedin, as well as the references you have collected. You will also be able to add the link to your Linkedin profile, however the recruiter will be able to check out all your information from the resume without having to go online.

Package 1 comes with a one-page resume. Package 2 comes with a three-pages resume with space for certifications, languages, skills, software, publications, volunteer, interests and recommendations, and it also includes a cover letter template.

Package 1:
Linkedin Resume Template
Page 1 only

Package 2:
Linkedin Resume Template
3 Pages (including References) + Cover Letter