Web Designer Resume Template + Cover Letter + Portfolio

Colors: Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Grey, Red, Yellow
File Format: Microsoft Word .docx

When your creativity needs to shine you need the web designer resume template. It was designed with web designers and web developers in mind, however it features all the usual areas such as work experience, education and skills. It was organized this way so that virtually anyone could use this template to apply for any position, if looking for a visually outstanding design. It allows you to show potential employers an attractive presentation of your skills and talents. The web designer resume template comes in six colors, blue, green, fuchsia, grey, red and yellow. You can detail work experience, education, IT skills, languages and more. Whether you choose the one page resume template which comes in six colors or the two pages package that also includes a cover letter and a portfolio page (all in six colors), you want to show your very best, and this is the template to go for. It will highlight all your skills and creativity, stand out from the pack and grab the attention of your potential employer. That’s what you want to get your foot in the door so you can dazzle them with your brilliance. This template is customizable to suit all your needs and you have the ability to make it your own from start to finish. You can change the fonts if you desire and adjust the format to include more or less information according to your specific needs. It is almost guaranteed that this resume template will interest even the most difficult recruiter. Look no further, the web designer resume template will make you shine!

Package 1:
Web Designer Resume Template
Page 1 only
(in 6 colors)

Package 2:
Web Designer Resume Template
2 Pages + Cover Letter + Portfolio
(all in 6 colors)